What is the N.E.C.?


Welcome to the NEW "Never Ending Contest"!  Now every contest you play could be worth a prize valued at over $5,000.  Here's how it works - win any contest on our station, and when you come in to pick up your prize, you'll be qualified to win that month's big prize.  The most valuable contest every played in Western Colorado just got even better!  Win your share in the NEW "Never Ending Contest."

It’s the biggest contest to ever hit Grand Junction radio.  In just a few years, we have given away over 1/2 million dollars in prizes. Every month it’s a new prize and the best part about it - THE CONTEST NEVER ENDS!

N.E.C. - September
This month's prize is a $5,100 value from...


Package Includes



- New Breezair Evaporative Cooler

- Includes installation (wiring, thermostat controls & water line hook-up)

- Includes Labor

(Does not include plumbing, gas piping, fire life safety, structural, framing, permits, concrete coring/cutting, patching, painting or roofing unless other specified)


Additional Information:

Breezair is the most efficient Evaporative Cooler on the market.  It has the best warranty.  Xcel Energy offers up to $1,000 in rebates with Breezair.  Breezair performs better on a high humidity day than any of its competitors.  A metal cooler holds 15 gallons of water and can grow algae, slime and allergens.  A Breezair only contains 3.5 gallons of water & drains empty each time it cycles off or you turn it on.


Total Value - $5,100